Baby Weaning Spoons Pack 4

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EasyTots 4 Pack Soft Baby Weaning Spoons. Easy Grip Silicone Bendable Tips. Supports Baby Led Weaning Self Feeding, Encourages Independent baby and toddler feeding

  • 100% ALL SILICONE SOFT GRIP AND TIP WEANING SPOON SET (Origin From the Tots R US EasyMat Suction Plate Set) these superb spoons are now being sold seperately due to customer request and feedback. Tots R Us Silicone Weaning Spoons are normally sold with The EasyMat baby suction plate but now customers can stock up on extra spare spoons or simply buy the spoons alone.
  • SUPERB SIZE – Easy Grip handle and perfect depth spoon allows easy handling and navigation for baby as the spoon bends around corners and keeps hold of the food caught. Babies can scoop food so much easier due to the soft and deep spoon end. The spoons allow a softer entry to mouth much better than plastic, causing less harm and promoting and encouraging positive self feeding experiences. Helps make weaning more fun and aids learning.
  • 100% SAFE FDA Approved High Quality Food Grade Silicone. Unbreakable, Easy to clean, Durable, BPA Free, Chemically Inert material, Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • EASY CARE – Will not stain and cleans super quick. Easy to throw in your nappy bag and take out to restaurants when eating out with your little one, take on travel and use time after time for every meal at home.
  • BABY LED WEANING – encourages babies to grow in confidence and have beeter success at scooping food. Learning to get food from bowl to mouth is tricky business for babies, why not help your childs’ self feed learning be more comfortable and more succesful. Reduce frustration and see more food make it to your babies tummy!

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Introducing The EasyTots  100% Soft Silicone Spoon Set : now Sold Seperately from the EasyTots EasyMat Suction Plate Feeding Set!

Most of us parents know that Feeding babies and toddlers self feeding is an important time for both you and your baby, So Why not choose the right cutlery to make a simple improvement to their learning experience and simplify your life!

Feeding Times Become Fun And Effortless!

EasyTots  innovative design offers unparalleled practicality and ease of use. Ergonomically designed to make feeding your toddler or baby SAFE and EASY Рthese spoons will be loved by anyone who will ever use them!


Safety & Quality At Its Finest

Made of high-end, FDA Approved, exceptionally well-manufactured silicone that’s durable, safe and easy to clean

This Is A Risk Free Purchase!

We are so sure you will be delighted with Easy Mat, that we will refund every penny if you are not 100% satisfied!

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